Interview Preparation - Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to wear a suit?

It's up to you. We don't automatically give feedback on how you look, unless you want us to. Bear in mind that most people's body language and confidence is affected by their clothes, and these are things that will influence us as interviewers.

Do I have to wear a suit?

Do you have to record my interview ?

It's entirely up to you whether you are recorded - it's just an option (included in the price). Many people feel that the feedback they receive can be put in a much better context when you can essentially sit in the interviewer's seat. We use a fairly unobtrusive webcam and no one has found it distracting so far.

What format is the video?

The video is saved as .WMV which is playable on the standard windows movie player.

Will you show my video to anyone else?

Absolutely not.

Can you guarantee that I will get into medical school?

Afraid not. Some people are simply unsuitable for a career in medicine, others may find that whilst they are suitable, the competition happens to be even better than them on the day and they have to apply a second year.

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