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Obtaining an interview proves your academic ability to study medicine, but competition at interview stage is still daunting. Our courses, led by hand-picked experts in their field, aim to provide candidates with the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to reach their full potential at interview. We encourage insight into the individual's motivations and experiences.

Methods of selection at interview can vary greatly between universities. However, all medical schools are looking for "Tomorrow's Doctors" and they are all looking for the same fundamentally important skills and attitudes. We challenge any prejudices, critically appraise your desire to study medicine and allow you to discuss your experiences in context.

We do not "coach" candidates to give specific answers. We provide them with the tools needed to apply their knowledge and experiences to any given scenario, and to handle appropriately those questions for which they have no obvious answer.

We run bespoke interview courses and practice MMI sessions within schools. We have worked with over 100 applicants this year within schools, please contact us to discuss this further.

Course Content
Course options include:

   • A series of Facilitated Discussions
   • Demonstration interview
   • 3 hour simulated MMI practice
   • One-to-one 1 hour Practice Interview and Feedback
   • Written Feedback specific to you.
   • DVD of your interview.
   • Course Handouts
   • A copy of Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI) for Medical School by Dawn Sellars ISBN 978-0-9551325-8-2

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Course Content

Small Group Discussions
For longer courses, tailored to your needs, we can include facilitated discussions relating to current ethical, legal, financial and political issues within medicine and the NHS which provide candidates with:

   • Improved Communication.
   • Increased Knowledge.
   • Development of Appropriate Attitudes.
   • Critical Appraisal of desire to be a doctor.
   • Lateral Thinking.
   • Challenge Prejudices and Judgements.

Interview Practice
Interviews include personal feedback and your interview can be recorded onto DVD.

MMI Practice
We have received fantastic feedback from individuals and schools alike for our simulated MMI. Candidates gain practice from the perspective of both candidate and examiner.

As a candidate, you will be given one minute reading time before entering each station, which will be five minutes long. There will be a one minute warning and finish station buzzers signalling you to move on. You will rotate around several stations which will include 'standard' stations, role play stations, data handling stations and so forth.

As an examiner you will remain in a single station and see several candidates (aka your competition!) rotate through your station. Feedback suggests this is one of the most useful aspects of the course - to see how several of your competition perform through the eyes of an examiner.

After each session there will be an in depth feedback session looking through each station. There are full written details for each station.

You will therefore practice several stations as a candidate, examine one station for several candidates, and receive feedback and mark sheets on several other stations.

Course Dates and Prices
Running bespoke courses for schools and groups of 6 or more individuals mean that we can pass cost savings onto the customer (no venue, no catering, etc)
Costs can be as low as 40 per head for a whole day.

Please just telephone or email us to discuss.

Course Dates
MMI Course, min 6 People, by prior arrangement60

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