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We provide a unique exam preparation service to GAMSAT, MSAT, BMAT and Oxford candidates, as well as a service to help all medical school candidates improve their ability in interview. We are genuinely keen to hear from our customers, to improve and to grow in the right directions. Here is feedback from our 2004-2005 courses.

Critical Reasoning and Written Communication (for GAMSAT, MSAT, BMAT and Oxford) with Eira Makepeace
Science Weekend (for GAMSAT, BMAT and Oxford) with David Brewis, Pieter van der Zee, Davina Hensman and Gemma Way
Data Manipulation and Maths for Science Day (for GAMSAT, MSAT, BMAT and Oxford) with Elizabeth Ball
Interview Preparation Courses

Critical Reasoning and Written Communication (for GAMSAT, MSAT, BMAT and Oxford) with Eira Makepeace

A really valuable day - definitely worth the money. SB

I thoroughly enjoyed the course, as it was well presented and gives an excellent representation of what to expect of medical entry tests. There is a warm and friendly atmosphere. CW

Dawn has proved extremely helpful throughout. DMS

Eira has an excellent style. Interactive and involving. RB

I'm going to ace it now! Thanks Dr Prep. AT

A thorough and well spent day. A good push in the right direction. AG

Plenty of feedback. Good confidence builder. Thanks. SA

Eira, thank you for giving a very clear and logical understanding/approach to these two tasks. DT

Time keeping slightly out, but very useful, thanks. SB

It was a very helpful course, which makes me far more confident to tackle the MSAT. MN

The service provided was very good and has given me good foundation to work with. MJ

Provided excellent personal assessment as well as giving direction for future study and improvement. ES

A great confidence booster to push you to that next level. MZ

Glad I came. I think I left feeling worse but at least I know what I have to do now. MS

The course was fantastic. A great way to focus your mind before the exams. HL

I definitely feel that I have a head start compared to others who have not attended. SC

Good to take time to sit practice exams. SL

The realisation of how difficult this is going to be has finally dawned on me and given me the impetus to start revising for the real thing. S

The course has helped me get more focussed for GAMSAT. I am certainly less worried. JG

Makes test structure much clearer and a less intimidating prospect. RW

A valuable opportunity to practise and receive feedback. MG

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