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We aim to provide a friendly and supportive service. Looks like it worked! Here are some delightful emails which we've been sent.

Hi! All good news this end, it has been such a whirlwind, I can still barely believe it myself!
In the GAMSAT, overall score 67 broken down into 70 in Section I, 60 in Section II, 68 in Section III. I can honestly say, without your course I would have been lucky to achieve half that score - I am sure just the exam techniques alone added a vast number of points to the final total, the GAMSAT is so unlike any other exam I have done to date.
Gained interviews as Peninsula, St George's and Nottingham - but was offered a place at Peninsula (my first choice, in terms of family and finances!) prior to the St George's/ Nottingham joint interview, which I accepted.
So overall an entire success story. I cannot thank you enough for the course, each part of it proved invaluable throughout the application process - I can honestly say it was the best money I have ever spent. I don't think my feet have touched the ground since the offer came through!
Once again, many thanks, and all the best for the future, SS

'Dr Prep provided a first rate insight into the interview process and a valuable critical eye on my interview performance. In no small part responsible for me getting offers from both schools I applied to. Nice lunch too' CT

Hi, again!!!
I finally got an offer from Cambridge! I am very happy.. too happy to explain in words.
I was placed in the Intercollegiate Pool after I applied to St. Johns. Initial disappointment... And i didnt hear anything for a long time, which made me think almost 100% certainly that i will not get an offer. haha. it was the day before yesterday i finally got the offer letter from Jesus. Although I dont know much about Jesus and it wasn't my first choice, I am still very happy just to be in Cambridge.

I actually think it was my performance at the interview that played the most crucial role. I would like to thank you again for the course. Not only the course was excellent, but also your encouragement gave me a lot of confidence. Thank you!!!

Best regards, MK

Hi Dawn,

I just thought I'd let you know that I have an offer from ucl to study medicine! I personally think that the practice interviews helped relax my nerves, and allowed me to just be myself! I'm obviously extremely happy I've got a place, I've just now got to get through the masters!

take care, PK

p.s. I thought the 'planning an interview session' was really good, because it helped get a perspective of being on the other side.

Great news - I got an unconditional offer from Bristol which I've happily accepted. Thanks again for all your help. TL

Hello Dawn,
Thanks for asking about the interview. It has been much longer than they had said but am still hopeful. I had to give in medical lab results for Hep. B and Rubella immunity first before the results would be disclosed and I just got that in yesterday.
I am hoping for the best, I know I gave it my all. The prep course was actually very helpful as it built my confidence and made me think about other aspects of medicine that I had not really thought about (from the ethical dilemma). I will let you know as soon as I hear something.
Many thanks, God bless, JM

Hello Dawn,
Thanks for the interview tips and your thoughts. Warwick Medical School offered me a place. Have a wonderful day and God bless, JM

Hi Dawn,

Got offers from Swansea and Nottingham!! Rejection from St. George's but 2 out of 3 ain't bad! Am over the moon, can't believe it!

Thanks so much for all your help. All the courses, especially that interview prep course, were excellent, couldn't have done it without you! And please thank my interviewer too, she really boosted my confidence after that practice interview.

Take care,



I got an offer from Nottingham... Also LW has been offered a place at Notts and is going so thats really nice for me as we became really good friends throughout the year thanks to Dr Prep!

This whole process has left me exhausted!

I am very happy as I have had offers for the Graduate Entry Course at both King's College London and Nottingham. Yippy. Unfortunately I am having great difficulty deciding which course to pick - any advice?

Thanks a million for all your help, I have seen a few other people from the classes at the open days.

Cheers, SL

Dear Dawn

I attended an interview course earlier this year. It seems a long time ago now. I didn't want to let you know how the interviews went until I found out whether I got a place or not. Well at last, I've found out that I have, at Cardiff.

I wanted to thank you for putting on the course and to say how much I felt it helped me with my two remaining interviews. I was able to talk about some of the issues about the age of consent which were covered very effectively on the course and the interviewer was really surprised that I new about it. I think it tipped the balance in my favour as other aspects of the interview didn't go as well.

Thank you so much and good luck with your own studies, SB

Hello Dawn
Sorry for the delayed reply to your email - I am undergoing the period of my finals exams at the moment so everything else has had to take somewhat of a back seat!
But I have had good news on the Med School front - having had two interviews, one for Swansea and one for Warwick, I received a conditional offer from Swansea which was my preferred choice. I am absolutely thrilled with this offer but just need to get that 2:1 in my exams now!

I found the Dr Prep courses incredibly useful, particularly the interview course and practice interview which were very thought-provoking and invaluable in the preparation for my real interviews.
So thank you very much to you and all the Dr Prep team who were involved in helping me get a place at Med School the first time around.
Keep up the good work in helping aspiring young doctors Dr Prep!
Best wishes, KB

"The interview course is excellent, my performance in the practise interview was abysmal but it was very useful in understanding how to prepare - I'm not sure I would have got in without it" OW

Either way, I thoroughly enjoyed all of your courses, it was a pleasure meeting you and thanks for all your help over the last few months.

All the best and kind regards, CW

I came out of the interview very confident, I just flourished on the day and chatted, and laughed and was really confident (I almost enjoyed the interview!). It was ALOT better than the Peninsula interview.... however I've had maaajor doubts since then as times gone on...
having said that I've JUST this minute logged onto UCAS website and have an offer from St Georges!!!!!!!!!
So thank you sooooooooooo much for your help! I really doubt I would have done it without you!
All the best, SP

Dear Dawn,

I heard last night that I have got an unconditional offer at Dundee.
I would like to thank you for the course, it gave me a huge confidence boost at
a time when I thought my chances were slim.
With help from you my persistance has finally paid off.
I cannot wait to start in September.
Thanks again, TY

Dear Dawn

Just to let you know...

... I've been offered a last minute place on King's graduate entry programme!!!

I certainly put my interview performance on that day down to some sound
advice from you. Many many thanks.

Dear Dawn,

hi, how are you? Just thought I would share the good news. As of October next year, I will be studying medicine at Warwick!!! Yay!!! Just wanted to thank you for all your help and advice. Your courses were really helpful.
Take care.Best wishes, NH

Hi Dawn,
I got a place at Swansea! Can't wait. Absolutely thrilled.
Thanks for a great course, SP

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